Friday, 18 March 2011

PTU Tut ~ Travellin' Emo Style

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My new tutorial, written assuming you have a basic knowledge of PSP.

Tutorials dont need to be copied word for word, you can use different elements and place them where you like. You can recolour elements, if the kit designer allows this.  Be creative, use a tutorial as a reference but its good to "make it your own".

You will need:

PSP - I used 9, but any version will do.
A tube of choice, I used art by Lady Mishka which can be bought from PTE
Mask 17 by Vaybs, which can be found here
The scrapkit I used is by Conchi of DNscraps.
The kit is called Obsessions and can be purchased from Butterfly Blush Designs
Font of Choice - I used AL Hurried Note, which can be downloaded from Fonts101
Eyecandy (any version) - gradient glow to add to name

Conchi allows recolouring of this kit, I have recoloured the heartframe 2, hearts4 element and the paper to suit my tube

Lets get started

Open a new image 650 x 650, floodfill white
Copy & Paste heartframe 2
Resize 70% and sharpen
Open the hearts4 element, mirror, copy & paste as a new layer underneath the frame layer
On the frame layer, Use the lasoo tool (freehand selection tool) set on Point to Point & click around the edges of the frame
Right click on the layer and promote selection to layer
Go to the heart4 element layer, right click and promote selection to layer
Deselect & delete the original heart4 layer, carefully erase any bits you may have showing under the frame

Copy & paste your chosen tube, and the motorbike element ~ place to your liking
Duplicate the tube & move that layer above the motorbike
On the top tube layer erase one leg, so it looks as if she's straddling the bike
Add any other elements you wish from this fab kit, resizing as necessary

Add a dropshadow of 2, -2, 30, 4 to all layers except the tube layer & the motorbike layer
Use dropshadow of 1, -8, 30, 4 to the bottom tube layer

Use dropshadow of 2, -2, 30, 4 on the motorbike layer twice
On the second dropshadow layer, use the raster deform tool and bring the top of shadow down
Manoeuvre it so you can see a shadow of the frame (see my tag for reference)

Go back down to the bottom layer, copy & paste a paper of choice
Layers, new mask layer and find the DBV 17 mask in the dropdown list
Apply with the luminence and invert boxes checked
Resize the mask layer to 110

Add your name and any text you want, adding a gradient glow and dropshadow
Delete the white background layer and merge all layers visible
If you need to resize your tag, do it now.
Add the correct copyright and your license number, if using ptu artwork
Save as a png image

Thats it, you're done !

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I'd love to see any of your creations