Sunday, 26 February 2012

Looking for FTU tuts ?

I've been without my psp since November and am slowly going insane ....Im seeing all these fabulous new tubes, templates and kits coming out and cant do a damn thing about it.
The PC died a death, and its been one thing after another trying to get it fixed.  Im on a laptop at the moment but wont dare install psp onto it cos if this dies I'll have no access to the internet and all my online family.
Anyway, if anyone is looking out for some great FTU tuts to do, why not drop on over to Creative Addictions ?  We have an Exclusive Tuts area which is open to anyone, you dont have to join us to do these but to see what else we have on the group does entail you joining.
We're a great bunch, even if I am biased LOL