Monday, 11 April 2011

FTU TUT ~ This Way, That Way

My latest FTU tut:
 This Way, That WayYou can find this tutorial on Creative Addictions, just click HERE to go to the tutorial.
You dont have to be a member to do our members exclusive tutorials ~ that section of the group is open to everyone. 
I used the gorgeous art of Jose Cano, his tubes must be used with a license and can be purchased from PTE

Saturday, 9 April 2011

PTU tut ~ Bunnilicious

My latest tutorial, just in time for Easter ~ is written assuming you have a basic knowledge of PSP.
Tutorials dont need to be copied verbatim, you can use different elements and place them where you like.
Be creative, use a tutorial as a reference but its good to "make it your own".

You will need:

1 tube of choice - I used the artwork of Jessica Dougherty, this tube can be purchased from CDO
Font of Choice - I used Girls Are Weird
The Spring into Easter scrapkit by Tezza.
This cute kit is themed to be used as either a Spring or Easter kit, it's packed with lots of elements & papers. It's well worth buying from Butterfly Blush Designs
Mura Meisters - copies

Lets get started

Open a new image 650 x 650 & floodfill white
Copy & paste patchworkflower4 as a new layer
apply mura meister copies

Duplicate layer that layer & on the original layer, adjust, blur, motion blur

Erase the blur from inside the circle
Adjust, add noise at these settings

On the duplicate layer apply a drop shadow: 2, -2, 40, 4
Use the magic wand to click inside the circle, selections modify, expand by 15
Copy & paste paper 10, right click on the layer, promote selections to layer,
Delete the original paper, deselect and drag the paper to below the frame
Copy & paste the daffodil element and place centre tag, duplicate, mirror and place slightly higher than the original
Drag the duplicate layer down underneath the orignal
Copy & paste Easter Basket1, place in front of the daffodils, slightly to the right
Copy & paste the Easter Train element as a new layer
At this point, you can have some fun using whichever elements you like...or use the ones I have:
Bunny with egg2
Balloon1, resized to 47, image rotate left 10, placed top left of the tag
Dragonfly1, resized to 47, rotated 20 and placed it top right, adjust sharpen
Add your chosen tube, resizing if necessary and place where you think it looks best on your tag
Give all layers except the frames a dropshadow of 1, -1, 40, 4

If you need to resize your tag, do it now
Add your name & correct copyright and save as a png

Thats it all done, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and email me some of your creations to show off here.