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You will need:

1 tube of choice - I used the awesome artwork of Alicia Mujica - you need her own license to use.
The specific license & I bought this tube when Alicia was with PTE - her tubes can now be bought only from her own store La Boutique

Summer Cocktail scrapkit by Bibi's Collection -
This stunning kit can be purchased at Butterfly Blush Designs

This is a simple copy & paste tutorial,
so have a play around with all the gorgeous elements and have some fun with it.

Throughout this tut:

c/p = copy & paste

d/s = dropshadow used is 2 -2 40 4 black

Lets begin:

Open a new image 650 x 650

Resize paper 1 to 75% - mirror and c/p as a new layer

Resize element 62 to 65% - c/p as a new layer and place over the porthole on the paper

Set your magic wand tool at 100% tolerance and click inside the element - selections - modify -
expand 15 - selections - invert

Highlight your paper layer in your palette & hit delete on the keyboard - select none

Highlight your element layer - right click with your mouse & merge down

Resize 80% - Adjust - Sharpen

D/S - as per my settings above

C/P element 69 & place on the right edge of porthole - apply d/s

Place your tube to the right - resize if necessary ( I resized 90% and mirrored image) - apply d/s

C/P element 20 - mirror - rotate left 20

C/P element 2 - mirror - rotate left 20 - place this fish into the net so its head is poking out the top

Duplicate layer and drag below the net layer

On the copy layer erase part of the fish to show the rim of the net

Add d/s to the original fish layer (not the one you've partially erased) and the net layer

Thats the main body of the tag done, and now you get to add whichever elements you want to.
Be creative and have fun.

If you want to use the same elements as I have, they are:


29 resized to 60% - sharpened

29 (again) but resized to 30% - rotated left 40 - sharpened

40 resized to 85%





d/s all elements as before

Add the correct copyright and license info

Add your name - I used dsb flux bright noise on the name

Merge visible

That's it - you're done !

I hope you liked this tutorial, I'd love to see your results & welcome any comments.

Ocean Spray was written on18th June 2012 & copyrighted to me, Les aka Midnite Kiss.
Any similarities to other tuts are completely unintentional.

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