Friday, 25 February 2011

PTU Tut ~ Deviously Cute

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This is a simple tutorial, but is written assuming you have a basic knowledge of PSP.
Tutorials dont need to be copied verbatim, you can use different elements and place them where you like.
Be creative, use a tutorial as a reference but its good to "make it your own".

You will need:

PSP - I used 9, but any version will do.
Template 289 by Missy here
A tube of choice - I used the artwork of Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, bought when she was with CILM.
You can now buy her tubes from CDO
The cute Lil Devils scrapkit I used is by Brooke of Sweet Diva Dzigns
This kit can be purchased from Butterfly Blush Designs
Font of Choice - I used PeaNoodles Girlfriends from here
AAA Filter Transparency Vignette here Dot and Cross
Eyecandy (any version) - gradient glow

Lets get started

Open the template, Shift & D together to duplicate it. Close the original.
Delete the top copyright layer.

Highlight the glitter cirlce edge layer, click inside with your magic wand tool
Selections, modify by 3
Copy & paste your chosen tube as a new layer ~ resize as necessary and place to your liking,
Selections, invert, delete, leave selected.
Copy paper 8 and paste as a new layer, drag both those layers underneath the glittered circle layer,
place the paper to your liking behind the tube, hit delete on the keyboard, de-select.
Add a heavy dropshadow to your tube layer -1, -6, 60, 4 with the "as a new layer" box checked

Highlight the glitter circle layer again & click inside with the magic wand, modify by 3, invert
Highlight the dropshadow layer, hit delete and deselect.

Highlight the rectangle2 layer, selections, select all, float, defloat
Copy & paste paper 4 as a new layer
Copy & paste your tube again, resize as necessary
Selections, invert
Highlight the paper and hit the delete button, move to the tube layer, delete and deselect.

Stay on the tube layer,
Apply AAA Filter Transparency Vignette with these settings: transparency 100, increase size 0, inverse box UNchecked.
Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds, horizontal, W = 2, O = 17, light from left/top, colour picked from your tube.
Add a slight dropshadow 0, -2, 50, 4 (uncheck the new layer box)
Delete the rectangle2 layer

On the Circle layer - selections, select all, float, defloat
Copy & paste paper 4 as a new layer, invert and delete as usual
Apply Dot and Cross with these settings: 72, 10, 2
Delete the circle layer

Repeat those steps (but dont apply the filter) for the rectangle1 and thin rectangle layers, using paper 9.

Use the manual color correction tool to change the color of thin rectangle1 to match your tube or paper.

Take your magic wand and click on just the pink letters of the wordart, use the color correction tube to change it to match the rest of the tag.

Apply a dropshadow of 1, 1, 50, 4 to all the layers except the tubes
Add any of the great elements in the kit, see my tag for reference

If you need to resize your tag, do it now.

Add the correct copyright info and your name.

To add your name on a curved line -

click on your elipse tool, use any color as your foreground color, background color null
draw out a circle and take your font tool, hover the cursor over the circle line you've just drawn until you see the arrows change to a A symbol.  Click there and write your name.

Then in the layer palette, click on the little + the vector 1 layer.
This will open up another 2 layers, click on the eye to close the new elipse layer
Right click on the Vector 1 layer, convert to raster.
Add a gradient glow and dropshadow to your name and move into position using the Move tool.

Delete the white background layer, merge visible and save as a png

I hope you liked my tutorial, I'd love to see your creations too.

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