Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Valentine Luv

I just love the rich colours of this Love Overdose kit, which can be purchased from
Thanks Mad, for letting me play with it !

Ive used the gorgeous valentine angel tube by Keith Garvey, bought when he was with MPT.
You can now buy his art from the newly opened PTE (PSP Tubes Emporium).

With all the recent happenings with the licensing sites, many in the tagging world have been thrown into a state of confusion ~ but personally, I will support my favourite artists & buy their tubes from whichever store they choose to sell from.  It's not for me to tell someone where to work or who to work for, and I wont be drawn into the drama. 
PTE have announced that Keith Garvey & Elias Chatzoudis tubes bought from MPT can be used with a PTE license number.  Im still undecided at the moment whether I will do that or continue using my MPT license on tubes bought from there tho.

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  1. gorgeous tag sweetie! you are so right about the drama. I'm just an old tube whore myself, LMAO. I don't care where the tubes are located cause I'll go get them wherever they are! huggers, Mad