Monday, 14 February 2011

PTU Tutorial ~ Wild Thing

This is a simple tutorial, and is written assuming you have a basic knowledge of PSP.
Remember, tutorials dont need to be copied verbatim, you can use different elements and place them where you like. Be creative, use a tutorial as a reference but its good to "make it your own".
Click on the tag to see a larger image


1 tube of choice - I used the artwork of Gennadiy Koufay, bought when he was with CILM.
(At the time of writing, there's no info about where he will be selling his art in the future).
Font of Choice - I used Rat Infested Mailbox here
Vix mask 364 from here  346-365
Eyecandy (any version) - gradient glow
Wordart is optional, I one I used can be downloaded from WordArt World
The Color Me Wild scrapkit by Treasures by Terry
This gorgeous kit can be purchased from Butterfly Blush Designs

Lets get started

Open a new image 650 x 650, floodfill it white
Copy & paste paper 1 as a new layer
Layers - new mask layer - find the Vix mask364 in the dropdown list
Apply mask source luminance, invert UNchecked - click OK
Right click on the palette layer and merge group.

Copy & paste element Paw 1, resize 75 and place it bottom right of the tag
Duplicate this layer twice and place each pawprint up the righthand side of the mask
Highlight the middle pawprint layer, image rotate left 30
Merge down those 3 layers and apply a white gradient glow with these settings

Apply gradient glow again, same basic settings but in the colour tab change your settings to these

Copy & paste Heart 5 as a new layer, resize 70, rotate left 30 and place top left of the mask
Copy & paste Corset 2, resize 50, rotate 30 right
Copy & paste matching umbrella & purse elements, rotating the umbrella right 30 and place over the top pawprint, resize the purse 70 and place bottom left of the mask
I used Flower6 resized 70 and again rotated right 30 & placed it in front of the purse.
Copy & paste Paw Chains 2 & 3 and place far left of the tag

Place your chosen tube to the left of the tag
Apply dropshadow of 1, -1, 45, 4 to all layers except the mask, pawprints and tube
On the tube layer, apply a dropshadow of 2, 5, 45, 4

The wordart I have used is huge, so in order to avoid the edges pixellating I resized to 80 percent 9 times. This step is a personal choice, and if you're happy resizing in fewer steps thats fine.

Drag the wordart layer below the tube layer.
I have left it uncoloured, again personal preference ~ but you could floodfill the word WILD if you prefer.

If you want to resize your tag, do it now, BEFORE adding your copyright info.
Add your name, give it a gradient glow and dropshadow
Delete the white background layer, merge visible

Now, add your artists credits & save as a .png

That's it, you're done !!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

I’d love to see your results.

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